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Welcome to the Ounce Project


The Inspiration behind The Ounce Project

What do you need an ounce of...?

A simple question to ask yourself at least once per day. Remember every time you ask this question, there is always an answer waiting within. To answer the question is to grant yourself permission to listen and act on your own behalf. Keep a journal so that you may ground your experience through your writing.

We all have something we can gift to ourselves and sometimes these are the most meaningful gifts. We all have something to share with another... even something as small as an ounce and in that moment that may just be enough.

For all of you that give too much, just practice giving an ounce and wait until that person returns the gift in the same proportion. Then and only then give that person another ounce.

For all of you that give too much, try receiving something small so you may expand your ability to receive so someday you may receive the fullness of your deepest dream.

For those of you that would like to give a little more, just give someone something, something as small as a smile or even An Ounce of Kindness.

Remember our words are infused with power. Each word carries its own unique resonance that enables us to create and navigate the world around us. You do not get extra points for making life harder than it already is and you do not have to do it all right now, simply transform your life, Ounce by Ounce.