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Welcome to the Ounce Project

7 Day Challenge

The Ounce Project 7-Day Discernment Challenge
Make two better decisions today and every day for the next week and watch as your life transforms Ounce by Ounce.
Begin now!
Ask yourself the question…
What do you need an ounce of?
Listen to the answer that comes from within and please write it down.
Finally, give yourself an ounce of whatever it is that you hear from within. An Ounce of Calm may mean taking an extra long breath. An Ounce of Pleasure at 7am may mean hitting your snooze button one more time. An Ounce of Pleasure at 5 pm may mean a piece of chocolate.
That’s it! It is that simple! Ask the question, listen to your response and give yourself an ounce of whatever it is that you need in that moment.
The Discernment Challenge
Over the next week whether you are swiping left or right; choosing a salad or steak; Netflix or the Gym ask yourself the question and witness the quality and alignment of your decision making transform Ounce by Ounce.
Share your experience with us #theounceproject